Michael T. Mordowanec


I am a largely self-taught, — and self-styled — programmer, who majored in Linguistics. After learning the Flask web microframework I have developed a love of web development that borders on obsession. I love to do my server-side scripting in Python, using Apache and and Linux, but I am always eager to learn new languages (Ruby on Rails is next on my list). I also have a passion for jQuery and Backbone.js, and newfound love of MySQL, SQLite3 and most especially the concept of database ORMs. When I'm not busy optimizing my .vimrc or swinging from git branch to git branch like a linux monkey, I also enjoy typical post-hipster millennial pastimes, like craft beers, NPR and pretending I don't want to live in Brooklyn.

Besides programming, I am also interested in linguistics and foreign languages. I am particularly interested in Syntax, Semantics, computational linguistics and Natural Language Processing.


I have developed a few web apps, mostly in my spare time.